Arclight Cinema Dome, L.A

arclight cinerama
arclight cinerama
arclight cinerama


Arclight Cinerama Dome


The most distinctive feature of the Cinerama Dome is its geodesic shape. Built in the 1960s, the Arclite dome has been renovated to include the finest acoustics and industry projection. Seating and aisle spacing has been widened while maintaining the original look and feel of the original Arclight Cinerma dome. The screen is huge and curved and new sound systems had been installed.

The café bar in the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood is strategically located to give patrons a great view of the lobby below while at the same time afford a fantastic view of the theater. During weekdays, the bar can be rented out for private parties. Arclight Los Angeles features guaranteed seats, no more waiting in line and reserving seats once you get in. Ticket purchasing and seat selection online or at the many automated kiosks are available.

Movie programs are geared towards movie lovers. Blockbusters, specialty, and restrospective features are shown at the same period of time. Planned features are announced at the “Coming Soon” and “Now Playing” sections. Arclight Theatre chairs are 3” wider than normal megaplex chairs with 6” more leg room. The retractable armrests are twice as wide as the standard. Truly, the comfort provided at the Arclight Dome is unsurpassed.

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