George Tirebiter Monument, L.A

george tirebiter monument
george tirebiter monument
george tirebiter monument
george tirebiter monument


George Tirebiter Monument


In the 1940s, “George Tirebiter” was the University of Southern California’s unofficial mascot. The story goes that a stray dog was found by a group of USC students at Curry's Ice Cream parlor and that one student remarked that the dog bore a remarkable resemblance to a Navy V-12, George Kuhns.

It was because of this that the dog was called "George." He got the last name "Tirebiter" because he would take a snap at the tires of cars he ran after at Trousdale Parkway, which at the time bisects the campus.

This penchant for running after vehicles ultimately led to George’s death in 1950, as he was inevitably run over and killed by a car. A community funeral was held by the students on campus. From that time

on the first George Tirebiter was succeeded by a handful of other “Tirebiters”.

The University of Southern California unveiled a statue celebrating George Tirebiter’s memory in 2006. The life-size statue shows George with a small piece of chewed tire in his mouth. The statue is located

at the south end of campus on Trousdale Parkway which is between the Mudd Hall of Philosophy and

the Leventhal School of Accounting. George is positioned facing Exposition Park and the home stadium for USC Trojans football, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

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