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Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions


The Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) is located in Hollywood. A non-profit exhibition

space, it was formed for the purpose of providing a venue and documenting exhibition of the visual arts for the city of Los Angeles, California, USA. Under the leadership of Carol Stakenas, LACE helps in the enrichment of the urban landscape of Los Angeles by getting involved in current political, social and cultural issues that influence local and international life.

LACE strives to inspire the imagination and to increase the interactions between art and audience in

Los Angeles in all its events, which include exhibitions, live performances, movie screenings, dialogs

and other public forums. LACE, since 1978, has showcased the work of over 5,000 artists in approximately 3,000 exhibitions, screenings, performances, and works of public art. It is instrumental for Los Angeles’ reputation as an international center for the arts.

The L.A. Contemporary Exhibitions was originally located in Downtown Los Angeles. In 1994 it relocated to Hollywood with the help of the CRA (The Community Redevelopment Agency). The CRA recognized the key part LACE would play in the economic and cultural redevelopment of Hollywood. Since its relocation to Hollywood, LACE has established partnerships with local businesses and organizations, including the YMCA, the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, My Friend's Place, and Woodbury University. It also provides free and low-cost programming for the neighborhood.

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