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The Famous Hollywood Sign


The original Hollywood Sign was conceived as an elaborate outdoor ad campaign for a suburban housing development called "Hollywoodland." But the sign today has come to symbolize the glitz and glamour of the American movie industry. Yet despite the high profile of the film business, real estate still is Hollywood's most important economic driver.

Even though the Hollywood Sign L.A.'s “look” and purpose has changed over the years, its basic inspirational message is still the same: Holywood California is a place where magic is possible, where dreams can come true.

Before, the dream was that of a beautiful home and a happy lifestyle. Now, the Hollywood hills sign’s promise is less mundane and more subtle. It can best be described by the numerous images, desires, and innovative ideas brought on by just the mention of the word "Hollywood".

A good shot of the Hollywood Sign is what most new visitors to the district desire the most. Although it is easily seen from all over the city from its high position on Mt. Lee, it is actually hard to get a really good shot of it. That it is actually illegal to hike to or go anywhere near the Sign surprises many people. The Sign is really set well back behind restricting gates and is monitored by security cameras and Park Rangers.

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