KBS America, Los Angeles

kbs america, los angeles, usa
kbs america, los angeles
kbs america, l.a
kbs america, los angeles


KBS America, Los Angeles


Opened on July 16, 2004, KBS America is a company based in Los Angeles with the sole purpose of providing top-quality broadcast services in North America and strengthening cultural ties between Korea and the U.S. The programs of KBS America are specifically designed for the viewers' appetites and are expected to attract those living in the United States, even Korean-Americans.

What makes KBS World America different from other Korean channels aired in the United States is that English language subtitles are provided 24-hours each day. This benefits English speaking audiences who have been eagerly want to watch Korean television programs in their native language. This will also help viewers to better understand Korean culture and their way of life.

Initially, KBS World will air its broadcasting signal to the subscribers of regional MSOs in Los Angeles, Seattle, Atlanta, Washington D.C., New York, and New Jersey and increase its media for wider access. With this goal in mind, KBS America is trying to speed up negotiations with the regional MSOs.

KBS America will air both TV and video programs. The regional branches in L.A. (the U.S. West), Chicago (the Midwest), and New Jersey the East) will help facilitate fast and improved services for video rental stores all over the U.S.

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