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Los Angeles City


In the Los Angeles County, the City of Los Angeles is the largest municipality among all the cities. It is asymmetrical in shape because it has spread over the years through the annexation of surrounding territory and cities. Several independent cities such as Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and Culver City are partially or completely surrounded by L.A. City. The Santa Monica Mountains, which run east to west, bisects the city.

Downtown Los Angeles prides itself in having the tallest skyscraper west of the Mississippi, the U.S.

Bank Tower, the most visible skyline of the many surrounding business centers. Before the 1950s the most visible architectural landmark of the region was the distinctive Los Angeles City Hall with its pyramid-top. Unfortunately, the building was overshadowed by surrounding tall office towers.

In the downtown’s south side, the City of L.A. tapers sharply after the University of Southern California campus and Memorial Coliseum, the only site in the world, to date, to host two Olympic Games namely that of 1932 and 1984. Hollywood, the famous Mecca of the motion-picture industry, is found northwest of downtown Los Angeles, known also as the “City of Hollywood”. Also in the hills is another major icon of the Los Angeles region: a huge sign spelling out “HOLLYWOOD” in 50 feet tall letters, whose original purpose was as a real estate promotion ad in 1923.

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