Hollywood Masonic Temple - The El Capitan Entertainment Centre

masonic temple, LA
masonic temple, LA
masonic temple, LA
masonic temple, LA


Masonic Temple


The El Capitan Entertainment Centre, once known as the Hollywood Masonic Temple, is a building located on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California. In 1985 it was listed in the National Register

of Historic Places. The architect, John C. Austin, who designed the Masonic Temple was also a lead architect of the Griffith Observatory.

The Los Angeles Times described the building thus in 2002: "It's an impassive presence that seems to transcend the ebb and flow of Tinseltown glamour-a somber Neoclassical temple that stands in stark contrast to the evolving parade of movers, shakers, panhandlers and paparazzi that have passed

before it.”

In the early 1990s, the El Capitan Theater was renovated and cartoon mogul, Walt Disney Pictures, began leasing the building for special events, specifically using it as a "toy box" for the premiere of the “Toy Story” in 1995. Disney bought the building in 1998.

Disney reinvented the building as the El Capitan Entertainment Centre in 2002, after an enormous amount of renovation. Disney restored original lighting fixtures, including back-lit stone filigree, wrought iron torchieres, Batchelder tiles and old post boxes that were once used by Masonic officers. ABC's late-night talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” has its broadcasting base from a studio in the building since 2008.

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