The Grove Entertainment and Shopping Center, L.A

the grove, entertainment complex
the grove, entertainment complex
the grove, entertainment complex
the grove, entertainment complex


The Grove


A shopping and entertainment conglomerate built next to the historic Farmers Market, Los Angeles youíll find the Tower Grove. It centers on a landscaped park and a dancing fountain. It is a very

popular spot for shopping and dining. Its lively crowds and street grid layout gives it an old-fashioned downtown feel.

Aside from several restaurants and shops, there is also the Pacific Movie Theater Trolley, a series of electric-powered cars that link the Tower Grove Park to Farmers Market although it is not really necessary to cover the 3-block distance, the kids love to ride it. Another great attraction is the Fountain, a choreographed water-and-music show that plays every half-hour. It was designed by the same artists who created the famous Bellagio Hotel fountain in Las Vegas.

Other attractions are the Glockenspiel, a musical clock placed on the Groveís dome, and the Farmers Market which still hasnít lost its charm with locals and tourists who love to go shopping. For shopping, dining, and simply enjoying life, the Grove is a great entertainment destination. Choose from a variety of boutiques and restaurants, watch the show of the choreographed fountains, take in a free live concert in the park, and explore the historic Farmers Market. A visit to the Grove is like no other in

Los Angeles.


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