US Bank Tower, Los Angeles - Library Tower

us bank tower, library tower, L.A
us bank tower, library tower, L.A
us bank tower, library tower, L.A
us bank tower, library tower, L.A


US Bank Tower


Formerly known as the Library Tower and First Interstate Bank World Center, the US Bank Tower is a skyscraper situated at 633 West Fifth Street in Los Angeles’ downtown area. It has the distinction of being the 9th tallest building in the United States and the tallest building in California.

The I.S. Bank Tower was completed in 1989 and was designed by Henry N. Cobb of the architectural

firm Pei Cobb Freed & Partners. It cost over 300 million dollars to build. One of the most easily recognizable buildings in Los Angeles, it is often shown in films and television shows as an establishing shot for the city.

The most famous feature of the tower is its large glass "crown" at its pinnacle that is illuminated at night. It is lighted with red and green during the Christmas season, purple and gold when the Los Angeles Lakers are participating in the NBA Play-offs, and blue and white for the Los Angeles Dodgers. During the 4th of July, the crown had also been lit with red, white and blue but they had stopped doing it in


Two U.S. Bank logo signs, each 75 feet in height, were installed on the crown on February 28, 2004. This was amid controversy for their effect on the aesthetic appearance of the building which was the case before when First Interstate Bank's logos were added to the crown in the period from 1990 to


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